TTC soon..... : )

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TTC soon..... : )

Sooo I just came on today to share that we may be TTC soon. We both have wanted to for a while but $$$$ (as always) was an issue...then DH found out last week that the new position he applied for within his company comes with a 20% pay increase! WOO HOO!:yahoo::yahoo:

so we are all set to start tring after I quit smoking (which I will do in a heartbeat if it means I can get preggo again) ....then my SIL reminds me not to get pregnant right now b/c i am the MOH at her wedding in May 2012....FML! totally forgot about that.... her wedding is like a semi destination wedding - 3 hours from where we live so no way do I want to be 8 or 9 months preggo so far from home.... so now it looks like we will have to wait.... I know it seems dumb to put it off b/c of a wedding but SIL has had a rough life (her own doing) but I feel she really deserves a great wedding and I don't want to cause her any trouble... also do I want to stuff myself in a dress at 8 months preggo? so it looks like we will wait...I think... but def. not until after the wedding....maybe start trying Dec / Jan then i would only be 4-5 months preggo by her wedding? I mean she will be ticked that i can't drink and party it up for the wedding or bachelorette party but she will have to deal...

also should mention there is a chance i am preggo now...maybe... DH and I DTD unprotected randomly when I was ovulating 2 weeks ago - today is the last day to get my period before I would be you never know : ) but I feel it coming on so probally not preggo - I will keep u all posted on that...

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...just got my period....not preggo this cycle....probally for the best though considering it was not really planned and i took a bunch of different meds this month, drank some beer, cigarettes, etc....

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Congrats on being closer to TTC! Smile

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Congrats! Maybe we'll be on the same BB. I think 4-5 mos pregnant for the wedding is perfect, because you'll be past the dreaded first trimester, so hopefully you won't still be feeling sick and exhausted, but not huge yet. I was in a wedding at 4 months with griffin and it was fine. Good luck!

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Ok I am seriously SO excited for you! Yahoo

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Great! I took chantix to quit smoking. It's been 3.5 years. Good luck!

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Jackie & Maggie....come over to the Thinking of Conceiving board! Pretty please?

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Good luck!

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I totally think being 3-4 month preggo for the wedding is acceptable. Too bad if you can't party it up like crazy Wink

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Yay for ttc soon Smile

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Good to hear you have a plan, yay for being able to TTC soon.

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VERY exciting!!!