UGH (xp)

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UGH (xp)

so my body is really pissing me off

backstory for those who don't remember, we were waiting until Jan to start TTC, I have a IUD in, was planning on getting that out Dec 22....well a few weeks ago found out my job is going away and I'll be unemployed the end of Jan, which made my DH think twice about TTC (he still hasn't said no, but we haven't talked about it for awhile) :/


Tuesday I was super super SUPER nauseous, almost threw up in the morning

Tuesday night while I was teaching Zumba, I had HORRIBLE heartburn

this morning, super nauseous again, this time I threw up :puke2: and been nauseous on/off all day today

guess what that makes me think? BTW the only time I have ever ever EVER had heartburn, was while pregnant with DD :eek:

I have the IUD in, and my last period started the day after Thanksgiving........

why does my body think it's funny to do this to me? I think I just want to be pregnant so bad.....

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Are you gonna test? If it's negative, then i'd chalk it up to stress. :goodluck:

Btw my sis had horrible stomach issues and weight gain after using the iud for about a year or so.


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I tested with a IC it was negative

I've had the IUD in since Savanna was 6 weeks old, and I haven't had any problems with's a copper IUD, no hormones in it

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I'm not sure what kind my sister had. I think Mirena.

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Ughhh - that stinks Leslie!
I know how bad you just wished you were pregnant - even though you were pretty sure you weren't.
I hope you can convince DH to start TTC in Jan. still!

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This sounds like stress, there is so much going on in your life right now. I hope you are still able ttc. Tell your hubby there is never a right time in life to try! Sending hugs! KUP

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That really stinks, hope you feel better soon. :bigarmhug:

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Sorry to hear your body is acting up, I feel you I've had some really wonky cycles in the past year and so far got no answers. Hope you get some answers soon.