Update on Daniel and his Autism

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Update on Daniel and his Autism

So, he tested behind in 2 or more areas of development back in August and this "qualified" him for services through a program called Early Childhood Intervention (ECI). He's been receiving occupation and speech therapy since October, each being minimum 2x a month of in home visits from his "teacher" and speech pathologist.

Since August he has gone from having a vocabulary of about 36 words to one of about 136. This is HUGE improvement in such a short amount of time. He still struggles with cognitive and social skills and since he will be 3 on the 9th, he now qualifies for preschool.

Starting next Wednesday (provided he can see the pediatrician for his check up and make sure he's up to date on immunizations) he gets to go to preschool 2 days each week from 8:45 to 11:45.

He will be in a big class, however. They didn't have room in any other class and so he will be in what they call a 5-15 class. 5 students have what they call family plans (basically, they are receiving help from ECI) 15 students are regular "joes". This means he's going to be in a class of 20 students total. I'm VERY concerned about this. I do not see him being able to function in this environment. At my family Christmas this year, there were 5 kids (not counting baby sister). A 10 year old, an 8 year old, our 7 year old, him and his cousin Emma (2 weeks younger than him) and the activity and excitement was too much for him and he introverted and started playing by himself, going around the room in a counter-clockwise direction, running his fingers on things as he went.

They did say, though, that if he doesn't function well in that class that they will do everything they can to move him to a smaller class size. The preschool breaks for summer, but if he needs it, they will set him up with outside speech and occupational therapy during the summer months.

He gets to go to preschool until he is 5, adjusting his goals and assistance on an as needed basis. When he is 5 they will transition him to a regular kindergarten class.

ETA. Well, guess he doesn't get to go to preschool til after the 25th. The ped can't see him until then! Craptastic!!! GGGGRRRRRR.

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Sounds like he's progressing well. YAY for language. That stinks about preschool. Hope he does well, I work with kiddos with autism and am learning ABA right now. It really works well. I am in Pennsylvania and we have a program called BHRS (wraparound) where a bachelors level person (me) works with a child based on hours per week. Does therapies, assists with safety issues etc. under the supervision of a masters level therapist. Don't know if your state has anything similar? ABA really helps language come. So glad you are getting early intervention. Keep us posted on how he's doing.