Update on Daniel's Speech

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Update on Daniel's Speech

So back in August we had Daniel evaluated for communication and fine motor skills delay. He qualified for assistance based on our state's Early Childhood Intervention program. He has a teacher come into our home 2x each month and also a speech pathologist 2x each month. Today he met with the speech pathologist for the 2nd time, and for the 2nd time, the speech path had to meet with him under the supervision of a grandparent cause I was unable to be there. Sad I feel bad for not being able to make it (especially since it's in OUR home), but I also know it's important for him to have it regardless. The first meeting I had to skip town to have Evie's lip tie evaluated (they could put me in that day or not for another two weeks). This time I came down with a UTI this morning and the doc could "squeeze me in" right at the same time she was to come over. :confused:

Anyway... I got to read her notes and hear what my mom said happened (and what the 7 year old says happened) and she said that he's improving very quickly. This makes me so happy cause I don't see it, yet. :rolleyes: But he is randomly naming objects that surprise me and like just a little bit ago while I was going back and forth with him on not hitting brother (I said don't hit and he says "no?", etc) and then he all of a sudden said "Hug me!" Biggrin

He was supposed to meet with his "teacher" yesterday, but he was still getting over croup and since she meets with some special needs kids who have weakened immune systems, we've tentatively rescheduled for tomorrow. I have to remember to ask her about discipline tactics, cause what I'm doing aint working. :confused: