Update on Griffin's sibling-on-the-way

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Update on Griffin's sibling-on-the-way

Had my anatomy u/s today, and we are having another BOY!!!! Looks healthy and growing right along in there. I was hoping for a girl and LOVED the girl name we had picked out, so it took a minute but I am getting excited for DS to have a baby brother, and now it seems so real and I feel like I am getting to know this kid already. He is a nut, by the way, VERY wiggly. He was stretching and kicking and wiggling throughout the whole u/s and he is already socking me and kicking me so hard it hurts sometimes. I'm a little scared of what it will be like when he gets bigger, and I can't even imagine what he'll be like as a toddler! Griffin says he's excited for a baby brother and to "share his dinosaurs and bunkbeds" with him. He came with us to the u/s and only kind of understood what we were looking at, but he says he's ready for his baby brother to get here!

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Great news! Congrats on your 2nd boy.

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It sounds like Griffin is handling it pretty well. Daniel didn't have any clue whatsoever what was going on when I was pregnant with his sister. Of course, we chose to be team green. Perhaps if we had found out like we did with both the boys, then he might have been less oblivious to it all. He LOVES sharing things with his sister.

So what girl name did you have picked out? Do you have a name for this little boy that you are growing?

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Congrats on your little boy!!!! Smile

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Congratulations! I love having two of the same sex, sure makes it easier with clothes/toys etc. We have a small house, I couldn't imagine how we would have handled the addition of boy things!

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Congrats on another boy. I'm expecting my third girl. Three girls for me!

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Congrats on becoming a member of team blue.

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#2 being a boy was the best thing for Ezra. Hopefully it will be the same with Griffin.