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Update on us

It seems like its been forever since I really posted about how were doing and whats going on with us.

Taylor is getting so big, last check up(March 29th) was 30lbs. He had his tonsils and adenoids out Feb 25. It was a quick procedure but coming out of the surgery and waking up in pain not knowing what was going on was very scary for him. I held him for a while before he totally calmed down. We had to stay over night to make sure things went alright and kept his pain meds around the clock for the first few days. It was an interesting experience. He is talking more then he has which is totally awesome. He isnt snoring as much/as loud as he was before and his breathing you can not hear it like he was. So all in all it was a great thing. Lately he has been being mean with the girls more lately. But I think its typical behavior. Still really has no interest in going potty on the potty yet. Which is alright for now. He loves his dinosaurs and trucks. If Dino Dan is on tv he will wake up from a dead sleep to watch it which is rather entertaining to watch. At his last real check up with our family dr he was in the 99% for height/weight/head. He is still working with his early access teacher who i need to ask at our next appointment if she is still recommending a speech therapist.

Trinity is 4 now and doing pretty well. She is writing letters and things more clear. She loves trying to read books and playing with things. She loves my little ponies and sponge bob. She has been fully potty trained for almost a year now. She is pretty good with helping with Taylor and Sydney when she wants to. She helps fold and put away certain clothes. Sometimes will help with other chores which is really nice. She has my attitude which is horrible on a 4 year old. lol She also only weighs 31lbs.

Sydney is almost 10 months old. She is huge now 25lbs last I knew. She has 4 teeth 2 on top and 2 on the bottom. Is standing sometimes until she realizes what she is doing and falls. She is in 12 month clothes and some 18 month stuff depending on what it is. She crawls everywhere and is standing holding onto things. She will push one of the kids chairs or the megablock to help her walk and occasionally will walk with her walk behind toys.

The kids will be starting a new daycare center tomorrow morning. It seems like a really good place. I found out tons of things about the last center they were in and things that were happening that I didnt agree with them. So I pulled them yesterday after enrolling them fully into the new center. Its so much nicer. Trinitys room is the size of the first floor of my parents house, has a pet rabbit, computer tons of things. The teacher has a teaching degree. The kids will be going for 6 hours a day with only 5 of them paid. I get 5 hours of daycare covered but they go at 9am which is the start of the preschool part for Trinity and Taylor and go until 3pm since 5 hours would be 2pm and in the middle of nap time. So the director said they will keep them the extra hour no problem which is awesome since I will be sleeping during this time(hopefully).

As for me I graduated in Dec with my Associates degree. Ive applied for tons of jobs had about 8 interviews and no luck. Then Wednesday of last week I got a call for a interview on Thursday went to it went really good. They said I would heard back on Friday. I heard nothing on friday so figured i didnt get it. Monday morning I got a call for a second interview that day. Went to it. It wasnt a second interview it was a job offer. I start tonight at 11pm-5am. I will be training this week and then hopefully next week or the week after I will be taking over the supervisory position for the night crew. Which is totally awesome. I am really excited. So thats a nut shell of whats been going on with us. I am hoping to get back on here more but I'm not sure with the hours I'll be working and everything.

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Wow! You all have been so busy! I hate to hear that about the surgery, but it sounds like it had improved your ds' life. My dd hasn't had much of any interest in potty training either yet. Congratulations on graduating and getting a job! Good Luck! That sounds aweful about that other daycare. The new one sounds so much better. Thanks for sharing!

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Wow! Yay on the new job! What are you doing with the kids while you are at work at night? I am so happy you finally found a great job!

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Right now they are being watched by my parents. But as of next week I'll be off nights and working from 5pm to 11pm at the main building instead of the restaurant/pizzaria. Which the hours are a little better since I can sleep at night (instead of 2-2.5 hours and getting up and getting kids dressed fed and to daycare then sleeping till 2/230 so I can pick up the kids) BUT the only issue with it is I will see the kids for the hour I wake them up to get them ready for daycare/school and then for about a hour after I get them till I go to work but thats only monday through friday which is better then who knows what days I'd be off. My mom will watch them from the time I go to work until my dad gets off work(hes no longer on the road working he switched companies to) then he will watch them till I get off. Its doable but kind of sucky. I'm thinking of keeping one of the kids home a day a week so I can spend it with them.