Update on us with pics...long!

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Update on us with pics...long!

Hi ladies..I have been MIA, but I am going to make a point of posting more often! I miss you guys! As you know (thanks Janelle!) Audrey was born on Oct 1. Here is a link to my birth story if you want to read it...

Since then life has been a whirlwind. Man, two kids is hard! I don't know how you mamas of more do it. I am exhausted. Hailey has adjusted really well to being a big sister, and just loves Audrey. She is in a very nurturing stage, and is a great helper. Yesterday she said "Awww, Auggie, you so cute! I yuv you! You're my best fwend" Makes my heart just melt. The first time she saw Audrey's little arm she asked what that was, so we said "that's her little arm" and she said "look, she has two eyebrows!". She has also told us she loves her little arm, and that its cute lol. Hailey will hold Audrey's little arm when she wants to hold hands with her too. It really isn't strange to her, and for that I am glad.

Audrey is awesome. Sleeps way better than Hailey did! She is not as easy going when awake as H was though. For the most part she is happy happy baby, and is giving us the biggest smiles these days. She is so close to laughing! She is growing well, she was 10 lbs 5 oz last week. We had a first appointment with the prosthetic clinic this week too and it went well. Here is what I posted on her birth board about the appointment.

We went to our appointment yesterday at the prosthetic clinic. It is at the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital here in Toronto. It is the largest kids rehab centre in Canada, and its prosthetics department is world renowned. They make everything onsite (other than what is commercially available and ordered), and have amazing facilities. We are so lucky to have access to this kind of support.

They were thrilled with Audrey! They did a full developmental assessment, and she is right on track, even a bit advanced in a few areas. They loved how strong she is, how well she holds her head, bears weight on her legs etc. They were most pleased though with her little arm and how she uses it. The range of motion, the muscle mass, the way she moves is in coordination with her full arm. They don't forsee any issues at all with prosthesis fitting. And of course, she charmed the pants off them with her smiles and coos. They answered all our questions, and gave us some exercises to do with her to help encourage the little arm to continue to be strong and her to use it. Things I didn't think of, like encouraging her to try to reach for toys with it, even though she can't actually grab anything with it. Good tips for tummy time too, as she tends to pull the little arm down and back, and we want it up and forward with her bearing some weight on it.

We left feeling really positive about everything. We need to get some x-rays done in the new year, just to confirm that her shoulder is normal (they said it feels fine, but we don't want any surprises when it comes time to cast for prosthesis). We go back to meet with the OT again on Jan 19 (Hailey's 3rd b-day) for a follow up, and then meet with the orthopedic surgeon from Sick Kids on Feb 27th. He's the one that does the paperwork saying she qualifies for an adaptive device and gets into the Ontario Adaptive Devices Program which is part of our provincial health care system, and covers 75% of the cost. SHe will get casted for her first helper arm likely first week in March.

So we are all doing well. Despite the frustrations of rapidly approaching the terrible threes, I adore my girls!

Here are some pics of my gorgeous baby (oh, and some of the rest of my fab family too!)

Audrey and her little arm
Photobucket" alt="" />

Another angle
Photobucket" alt="" />

Photobucket" alt="" />

H and A under the play gym "Look mummy I'm holding her hand!"
Photobucket" alt="" />

Hailey entertaining her little sister (excuse the mess behind them!)
Photobucket" alt="" />

The loves of my life (including the dog!)
Photobucket" alt="" />

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Meghan thank you so much for the update! Audrey (and Hailey) are just beautiful!

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Great update, Meghan. I've wondered from time to time about Audrey and how you guys have adjusted. Glad to hear things are going well! Audrey is a CUTIE!! I loved hearing about how sweet Hailey has been with her. You know she'll be one of her biggest defenders as they grow up!

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Its so lovely to get an update....sounds like thing are going well!

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So cute!!

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Good to hear from you! Hope things continue to go well with Audrey.

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I thought I had responded to this, guess not.

Glad to hear things are going well. Your girls are beautiful