What are you getting your LO for Christmas?

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What are you getting your LO for Christmas?

I am 9 months pregnant and have yet to go shopping! I don't even know what I want to get LeLand! SO what are you getting your child? Smile

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Jack is getting these blocks http://store.imaginechildhood.com/22piecenaturalblockset.aspx as well as a cape, rain stick, both from imagine childhood (I love their stuff) I also got him spatulas, spoons, etc. (he love to cook), a tool bench, a table, a puzzle, a stuffed monkey, and a wooden carrier truck with 4 little cars.

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Oh, and some knight and dragon figurines.

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Piper's obsessed with all things Disney, so I sort of one-stop-shopped at DisneyStore.com for her this year. She's getting:
- Singing Belle and singing Ariel 17" Barbie dolls (they're huge)
- Buzz Lightyear action figure (that girl loves her some Buzz)
- An Ariel costume with matching high heels (all feathery and bedazzled-- she's gonna freak out)
- Unrelated to Disney, but a Crayola Glow Station

Just got all her stocking stuffers at Target today and she's getting a 6 pack of Disney princess sparkly nail polish, pack of mini Oreos, Elmo juice box, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse puzzle, Hello Kitty tattoos and Cinnamon Toast Crunch chapstick.

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Natalie keeps asking for a rocket ship, not sure what sort of thing she wants but we'll try to find one.
Also hope to get her a Disney Princess & Me Doll, they are for a bit older but she is so good with her "babies" that I think it wouldn't be an issue. My mom is getting the Leap Frog Tag reader so we'll get her some books to go with it too. For stocking stuffers I'll get some cars and probably some bath stuff (soap, bath crayons, bath fizzers).

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We have the leap frog tag reader, its worth the money!

He loves disney cars so I am sure I might do something that. He also started getting into cho cho trains.

With 4 kids it's hard to figure out what to get them! The boys are so close in age they almost get the same things but my older son likes other toys. So who knows! I am not even going shopping till the 19th or 20th! Am I nuts?

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We do the four present tradition, which is something to play with, something to wear, something to read and something to share. So she is getting a play microwave with food, a cute outfit, a pile of books, and a couple of dora movies. Then Santa is bringing her a baby in a highchair and her stocking. \
My parents got her the vtech kids digital camera, which is going to love. Everything is a camera to her, she'll take your picture with a piece of paper in front of her face if she can't find anything else. I think my inlaws are getting her the tag reader too. Glad to hear its worth the money, the books are pricey!

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Savanna has been asking for a bike for months now, so she is getting a bike from Santa (it's a Barbie bike, so pink and GIRLY with a bell) It's way too cold for bikes around here, but I think by spring/summer, it will actually fit her LOL and she will have so much fun with it. She is also getting a new baby, with a carseat (she is such a MOMMA)