What are your plans?

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What are your plans?

Just wondering what everyone's plans are for Easter Weekend? Biggrin

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We are going camping! First camping trip of the year Yahoo

Gonna do an easter egg hunt tomorrow and just have fun hanging out with friends! Hoping for good weather! Today is beautiful, but that means absolutely nothing in Utah, we could get snow tonight LOL :rolleyes:

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I work a split shift tomorrow, DH is out with the boys tonight. DD is at Nana's for the WHOLE WEEKEND! i bet i wonnt think she's evil by sunday morning when we go over there, i'll just miss the snot out of her! so DS and i are having a night of bonding alone- he got shots today so he'll need the xtra love. We're gonna get in a nice bath in a little bit Smile

Sunday we go to my mom's for a bunch of random food- toaster strudle is reserved for holidays around here and thats brunch then she's got a turkey and fixins.

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We just died eggs this afternoon, then Sunday we have church (but are not dressing up this year, it's simply not in the budget) and then we are having a family get-together at my place. It's supposed to thunderstorm, so likely we will be doing our egg hunt inside, then sending the "men" to bbq up some hot dogs and hamburgers and then we will have chips with them (and whatever else anyone else supplies cause everyone is broke and we don't have anything).

I still have to go to the store and get a couple of egg baskets for the boys so they have something to collect their eggs in.