Where is every one now? 4 years later...

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Where is every one now? 4 years later...

I cant believe our little Snow Peas are turning 4!

It's hard to believe, isn't it?

I know we've branched out from here, but I feel like so many are lost out there. I hope I'm friends with every one on FB that wants to be :cool:.

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I post pretty regularly on the Photography and Planning a Family Grads sections of the boards, it's pretty quiet here so I just check in once in a while but don't really post.

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It has been forever! Kamryn just turned four on Jan 6th. She's grown so much! I keep up with a few of you still on facebook. My facebook email is mwilliamson006, or you can search me at Marianne Joy-Williamson

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I think I have just about EVERYONE on mine. Wink

Daniel had his Spiderman party on Sunday. I can't believe he's 4! It's gone by so very fast. Sad

I still check in here from time to time, but just about EVERY board that I participate in dies. I think people just don't like me. Wink

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The age of 4 is just AWESOME here. I love the 4's. Im on fb but I don't think Im friends with anyone. Look me up. Ami Martin

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I think in general Pg.org is a lot slower than it was 4-6 years ago. For instance, my July 2007 group just started a group on Facebook and there are 69 of us in it! My November 2011 group has a Facebook group too, and we only have 16 members, and only a few are not on FB. Talk about downsizing!!!!

Eli had a monster truck party this past Saturday - he was our latest snow pea at February 9th!

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Hi guys! I check on here and my Jan 2013 board but that is slow too :/ Savanna is such a great big sister (although I wish she would tone it down just a bit lol) we are just getting used to our new baby, she is just a few days past 6 weeks and so much fun! I am loving being home and not worrying about going back to work with a newborn (like I did with DD1).

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4 is interesting. we have a book, my no no no day... and it describes everyday with ellie