Where is everyone?

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Where is everyone?

Hey! Is anyone still on this board?

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I am active on other boards! I pop by here once every 3 months or so Smile

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Obviously not as much as I thought I was, or used to be.. since you asked on the 8th and it's now the 23rd and I'm finally reading it. Lol

I mostly stalk people on birth boards, but occasionally post in breastfeeding and extended breastfeeding and baby wearing...

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I've just come back after a long time away. Smile It's so sad to see it so quiet everywhere!! Sad

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I'm still here! I just don't check in often! :lurk:

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Im just seeing this now since it was in the new posts. Im active on the Dec 2013 board and thats pretty much the only one I go on anymore. Other then a few I troll when bored.

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I think a lot of us are connected through Facebook now. Sad that this board has died. Sad