Craziness or normal?

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Craziness or normal?

I don't know if this is normal. DH thinks I have a screw loose...
Every night, after I know that Noah is sleeping, I go in to check on him... not just once but throughout the night... sometimes 3-4 times. If I sleep hard and don't wake up, I'm totally freaked out when I finally wake up at about 3-3:30 and go running in there to put my hand on his ribs to make sure he's breathing.
I have funky dreams of him falling down the basement steps, hitting his head on the ceramic tile floors, me getting into a car accident with him, someone abducting him... once, I put him to bed with the same colored pjs as his blanket. I went in to check on him when I got up during the night and I couldn't see him because he blended into his bed... I totally freaked! I ran into my bedroom, thinking DH had him in bed with us. I woke up DH asking him where Noah was... he in turn, jumped out of bed and we both ran into Noah's room, turned on the light and woke him up...
Every morning I'm usually up between 4 and 6. I check on him as soon as I get up (he must be used to it now because he doesn't wake up as easily as he used to) When he finally gets up around 8, I think I've probably checked on him atleast twice if not more and then am relieved because he's up and still breathing...
The dreams are so realistic that they wake me up... they aren't every night... maybe 2-3 times a week??? This has been going on since I've had him...

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Realistic dreams like that really freak me out too. Thankfully I don't have them often, but when I do I immediately go and check on the kids too. What you are describing sounds like anxiety to me, although I don't really have a whole lot of experience with it. The first few times my kids slept through the night I would wake up in a panic since I was so used to them waking me up during the night, but after that I went back to enjoying sleeping as long as they will let me.
I am interested to hear what others think about this.
As for checking on my kids they go down at 7ish and I check on them before I go to bed, between 12 and 1 usually, and then I leave them alone in the morning hoping they'll sleep until 7:30, although that rarely happens.
For me my anxiety kicks in when I'm not with them. I am doing better as they are getting older, but when they were tiny I would be on edge and unable to relax when I was away from them for any longer than an hour or two.

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It does sound like anxiety to me also, but I really am uneducated on that stuff, so who knows. Unfortunately I have vivid thoughts of something horrible happening to my kids, but it doesn't keep me from sleep. I love sleep. I wish my boys would sleep through the night. lol. They go to bed at 8, the bigger kids at 9, I don't check on any of them before I go to bed. Is that bad? One or both of them usually wake up at least 3 times a week. I hear them in the morning before I get out of bed, but on the rare occasion that I don't, I panic a little. But I am not taking any chances that I will wake them. lol