Frequent poops

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Frequent poops

Hey ladies! Needing advice again!

Jackson used to be a twice a day pooper, like clockwork. Over the past week he's been pooping 4-6 times a day, and pretty unpredictably. There hasn't been any big changes in his diet, other than the fact that I stopped trying so hard to get him to drink milk and instead am just giving him water. He isn't as interested in yogurt at the moment, but he's eating cottage cheese instead, so I don't think there's been a huge change in his dairy. Nursing hasn't changed either.

Could teething be a cause of this change? Looking online it seems like there's a common connection there, just wondering if any of you have had this experience as well. He does have a huge bulge in his mouth where a molar has been trying to pop out for about a week or two now.

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I have noticed with one of the boys that they would go poop more often when teething.

Eli recently has been going 2-3 times a day when he was a regular once a day kid.

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I would think it is due to teething especially since you mention a Molar is trying to though. My kids have been the same way.

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Thanks for posting this. Maci has been pooping so much lately. 4+ times a day and boy do they stink more lately too. I thought she was probably getting more teeth but never connected the two! Good to know!!!

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I bet it's the molar. Charlotte's frequency and stink increases as molars break through. She's also gotten a rash from the last tooth. Ugh.