Halloween Costumes

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Halloween Costumes

What is everyone LO's being this year. I got Sophie a pumpkin outfit, which i seriously doubt she will agree to put on. Sam is going as Supergirl!!!

So excited this year for Halloween. Never liked the holiday until I had kids.

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Josiah is going to be a pumpkin assuming he fits into the costume we have from DD1. Haven't tried it on him yet but I think it will, it's a size 18m but it fit big.
My oldest is going as a black cat and DD2 wants to be a vampire. Baby will go as a baby in a pumpkin hat Wink If it's too cold he's probably not going out with us anyways.

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Emma is being a butterfly but she doesn't like to keep hats on so she will prob be antenna-less butterfly LOL

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Rourke is going as Thor! His hair fits perfectly and no headgear...he won't wear anything on his head!

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William is going to be a rocket and Nicholas is an astronaut Smile

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Noah is going as Mickey Mouse. I looked all over the place on line to get this costume. They wanted $35 everywhere but I finally found it at Walmart for $16 with free shipping! We had to get him a 3T/4T... thank God I read the comments on it because it fits small... not sure about the ears... I tried it on him and he took them off right away...:(

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Rheneas is going to be a blue monster. It's a hand-me-down from Jacob, but it fits nicely.

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I am struggling this year. Smile Last year I got all 4 kids to match, Toy Story theme.. this year the older two are not matching, but I would like the twins to match. Smile So I am trying to decide what they would like the best... Sesame Street (cookie monster and elmo) or Toy Story (woody and buzz)... and finding them in the right size as well, and cute costumes. I really need to buy something. lol. We'll see. Smile I don't know that they will be excited about putting anything on, so it has to be something they are into. Smile

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Hi Strangers! I haven't logged in FOREVER, but Bronwyn will be Tinkerbell. She's loved Tink since she was 5 months old. It was one of her first words!