Hurricane Irene

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Hurricane Irene

Hope everyone in its path stays safe! We are ready and prepared and not leaving the house until its all over. We are getting the worst of it tomorrow night.

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So how did you fare Deanna?

I hope everyone else is safe and well!

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Irene gave us a whole lot of rain but it wasn't too bad I suppose but like a week later, the next one hit us and many of the towns here were devastated. My friend from school pretty much lost her home- it's in a condemned state now and she doesn't know if it is fixable. We were evacuated but thankfully our levees held and our home is fine- if the levees had given way though, my apartment would not still be standing. The river that runs through this area is HUGE and does a lot of damage. One of our KMarts suffered 11 feet of water from what I was told...the water was all the way up to the sign above the doors...

I hope all of you didn't suffer any damage.