Summer Vacations Planned?????

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Summer Vacations Planned?????

What is everyone doing for vacation this year. We went to Bethany beach last week with y family. It was fun Not relaxing, but the kids had a great time, and at least I didn't have to work so....

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We're headed to So Cal and taking the boys to beaches, Sea World and Disney. I'm excited for the teenagers to get to go off and do their own thing and seeing Rourke get to see his favorite characters.

We'll also be seeing my family and my MIL. And that's when we'll be telling everyone the gender of baby #5! I'm feeling boy but we'll see.

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Just little vacations here (we usually do az when it is cooler there, don't think I could handle it in the summer lol). Smile We will be going to Idaho a few times, and the older kids are going to spend a week with their grandparents there. And maybe a weekend at the sand dunes (my dad builds sand rails), just lots of lounging around here. Wink

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my brother is getting married at the end of Oct so my sister, Noah and I are going to Branson, MO. My brother hasn't seen Noah since he was about 2 mos old...

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We are actually headed to Orlando for a long weekend next weekend. We aren't doing Disney this time, we have done it twice already this year, but we are staying in a nice hotel with a good pool for the kids and going to do Sea World and the Orlando Science Center and hang out with some friends up there.
I don't think we're quite ready for a full, big vacation here yet. The kids are great on a schedule and seem to do well with 3-4 days off schedule, but as we learned on our last Disney trip, by the end of day 4 they are ready to be home.

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We're just hanging out at home! Ryan was off this past was nice to just lay low for a bit! Smile

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We did our Colo/Wyo/Neb "visit the family" loop and it was fun, mostly because DH did all the driving and for once I did not jump up to do the cooking/dishes after each meal.

So coming home was a big reality shock; I didn't realize how much I'd been doing at home before vacation until I came back and started doing NOTHING like I had been doing on vacation! Finally back into the swing of things, though.

K does okay for about 3 hours at the start of each day's drive. After that it's awful. Unfortunately, all of our stops were 6-12 hours from the last, so there was a LOT of crying.

All in all, good times. The next vacation is for US. Smile