We're still around!

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We're still around!

Everything is good here. I'm going to try to visit on the board this week. School starts in two weeks, and I'm going back to work finally (I'll be teaching at the local community college branch). This means Kate is heading to daycare for about 16-20 hours per week.

Kate is way tiny - .3%ile. It's so funny after having Andrew in the 80-100%ile at that age.

Can't wait to catch up a little!

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Angie!! So good to see you! Kate is so cute and tiny! I hope the transition back to work goes well for you and Kate!

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Was just thinking about you! Glad things are going so great!!

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Kate is adorable!!

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Kate is beautiful. Is Kate being in the .3%tile a concern of the doctors or is she just tiny? My nephew is sooooooo small but he's always been that way so I think he's fine-especially since he eats everything in sight :P. He's 3 and is a bit smaller than Xander actually.