*TMI* - cervical mucus, kinda important

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*TMI* - cervical mucus, kinda important

Hey, quick question before I start freaking out: I've had a bit of a change in my CM lately. I've noticed it's thick like egg whites when I wipe, but only in small amounts (enough to thinly cover some of the TP, not like huge stringy chunks).

However, I just went to the bathroom after feeling somewhat...ahem...*moist* down below, and I wiped and a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE glob came out - it looked just like yellowish snot. I'm really freaked out because Thing 2 had a gigantic meltdown today and I had to pick her up and haul her away (do NOT want to go into details on it), and I'm hoping that I didn't overexert myself and hurt the baby. She didn't kick my stomach or anything, but it was a bit like wrangling a wild dog and it took a lot of effort to physically remove her from the situation.

I know that the general rule is that if there's no cramping and no bleeding, you're probably fine - but I'm still hella freaked out. Anyone got any clues as to what the heck's going on?

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Probably about a week ago (right where you are now) my CM changed from creamy to somewhat egg white, mixed in with creamy- exactly what you described. I think it is normal for where you are and I'm sure everything is ok. :bigarmhug: Try to take it easy this afternoon/evening though...I know easier said than done.

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Same thing keeps happening to me - I think I peed my pants (or started AF) and run to the bathroom to find exactly what you are describing.

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I haven't really had much CM, but it feels like something is "trickling down" so I run to the bathroom and not a thing is there, it's a very strange feeling. Try to take it easy and I'm sure everything is fine and that it's normal CM.

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That happened to me, especially in early pregnancy, with both of the girls. Remember you body is making a super mucus plug Smile


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I think right about now is when your body starts to creat a plug in your uterus to protect the environment. Could just be part of that process and 'extras'. Sounds to me like you're ok, especially since it wasnt tinted.

Hope DD is ok, too.

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I've been having the same thing!!! And like someone said, I run to the bathroom thinking "this is it--AF is starting after all" to find exactly what you are describing. Glad to know I'm not the only one!

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Soooooooooooooo glad I'm not the only one!

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Woo thanks for posting that brawlberry... I haven't got bfp or AF yet but getting alot of cm and that trickle down the other ladies are describing and since I dont know if the witch is gonna show yet I'm on the edge of my seat. It sucks! I'm glad your ok! Where should I expect my uterus to be before af or during early pregos? mines High and soft but doesnt feel open. Yesterday it was high and a little firmer but felt like it had a little protrusion? any ideas?
Sorry to invade your thread brawlberry just really wanting to know