10 week appt today (xp)

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10 week appt today (xp)

WE HEARD THE HEARTBEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The nurse first told me we may not be able to hear it because it was still early...I told her I was going to cry. LOL. She put the doppler on me and found it in 5 second beating strong at 170bpm

The midwife rescheduled my NT scan for June 16, which goes along with everything that I have read about needing to do it between 11-13 weeks. I would have only been 10w3d if they kept it the same.

Gained a whopping 1 lb from last visit YAY!!! The goal is to keep it low. Got my blood drawn for the 1st tri screening.

Now I'm off to bask in my child free weekend and enjoy sushi (cucumber and california roll) for dinner. YUM.

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CONGRATULATIONS!! I wish I'd been able to hear the heartbeat! Sounds like an awesome appointment. Biggrin

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Awesome Angela!! I hope mine is as exciting as yours. I still have 2 hours until it gets here.

Enjoy your weekend & have a blast!!

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Awesome!!!!! What a great appointment. Yay for being able to hear the little babe. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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YAY for a great appontment!! So exciting you got to hear the heartbeat! A california roll sounds delish!! YUM!

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Yay!!!! Great appt!!!! So happy for you!

Have great weekend!

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Congrats!!!! That is great news!! Enjoy ur weekend!!!

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Congrats Angela ! SO happy for you. :bigarmhug: