2nd Appointment Tomorrow

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2nd Appointment Tomorrow

I have my 2nd appointment tomorrow! I'm so excited/nervous to see my LO! Last time, I was exactly 6 weeks, and I just saw a little pulsating bean...tomorrow I'm guessing that it might look like a little person!?

I am trying not to be nervous - I hope everything is going OK and developing like it should. Any spare thoughts, prayers, vibes you could send my way are much appreciated!

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You got it!!! Good luck!

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S/he will definitely look like a little person. How exciting!

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WOW you are going to be into a HUGE surprise Smile S/he may just be moving around a bit too Smile

Good Luck!!!

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It'll go great & be so awesome Amanda!! KUP Smile

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Thanks ladies! I'm still just a bit in a state of shock about the whole being pregnant thing in general! I hope s/he is moving around a lot for us!

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Prayers coming your way! Have a great visit!

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good luck! I'm sure it will be exciting!

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Yay! Enjoy your little one!

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Best of luck! KUP! Smile

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Praying for a good appt. :bigarmhug: