2nd time moms - when did you wear mat clothes?

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2nd time moms - when did you wear mat clothes?

So I am trying to figure out how long I can keep this a secret before having to wear maternity clothes. Today I felt some big stretches and tugs and I am delighted the LO is growing BUT, I want to keep this from the general public as long as possible. With DD, I think I started wearing maternity clothes around Christmas (got pregnant mid-August). This time I got pregnant mid-to late-April so I am hoping to go till the end of August before donning maternity clothes. I want to keep it a secret for another 4 weeks at least. Have you BTDT moms found you wore mat clothes sooner with #2? How much sooner? I notice I am a little thicker in the waist (and have bigger boobs) but I had lost weight and had loose pants before I got pregnant and I could always use more volume up top, so my clothes are still fitting for the time being.

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My regular clothes are still fitting and I am 11 weeks tomorrow (baby is measuring 1 week ahead, too).

I will say that this weekend my hubby commented twice that I looked preggo but it was at the end of the day and I was in fitted but stretchy tops with my yoga pants on. I have definitely popped a bit so you may be able to hide it a few more weeks. This is #5 for us so it may be completely different for you.

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I started showing A LOT earlier. I think the first time around I was in maternity jeans around 12 weeks and then maternity tops at 20 weeks. This time I was in full maternity at 10 weeks... It really just depends on how soon you "pop" and how loose your clothes were to begin with. My jeans were a normal fit before I was pg, if they were a little loose I might have gotten a few more weeks out of them.

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I was in maternity clothes by 18-19 weeks with #1, and by 12 weeks with #2. I probably could have held out longer with #2, but I already had all of the clothes, and they were much more comfy! I showed a lot sooner for sure, but I wouldn't say that people who didn't know I was preggo would have known. I just looked like I had a bigger middle. So, I imagine you will be able to keep everything a secret until you're ready to tell. Smile

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With my first pregnancy I was in maternity I think at 13 weeks or so, this time I was way earlier and I've been wearing them already.

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I don't really remember when I needed them with my first. I'd say 16-18 weeks if I had to guess. With my second I needed them earlier; I was about 13 weeks. This time around there is NO WAY I could be keeping this a secret right now. My regular clothes stopped fitting at least three weeks ago. I had to break down and buy a pair of maternity shorts yesterday because I just had one pair of maternity capris and a few pairs of non-maternity gym shorts that were fitting. To get by in between I'd been wearing shorts with a belly band and even that was getting uncomfortable!

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With #1 I never really HAD to wear maternity clothes until I was about 25 weeks, with #2 I was starting to wear them by 17 weeks. I can actually wear my regular tops through my entire pregnancy it's just pants I need but I always just wear my regular jeans as long as possible with the button un buttoned using an elastic band. Though I'm seriously thinking of getting these,http://www.mybbuckles.com, for this pregnancy. They have a b1g1 free code on facebook. I expect to not be fitting comfortably in my jeans by around 12 weeks this time.

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I remember with number 2 I showed a lot sooner and with 3 and 4 way sooner than I would have liked!! Now with #5 I am 9 weeks but my pants are starting to get tight and my maternity yoga pants feel awesome so I think by 12 weeks I will be in mat. Just buy some bigger shirts maybe a size up that way you don't have to buy any mat. right away!

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"Mommyin04060809" wrote:

Just buy some bigger shirts maybe a size up that way you don't have to buy any mat. right away!

This is a good idea because you won't want to wear maternity AFTER you have the baby and it takes a little while to get back to your "normal" size if you ever do get back to it.

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Oh my word! I just had to come back to this thread...

I put on the pair of maternity shorts I bought yesterday and they are HEAVEN!!! LOL! I wish I would have gotten them two weeks ago! Sooo much more comfortable than the regular shorts and belly band! Lol

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"JuneorJulyBaby?" wrote:

This is a good idea because you won't want to wear maternity AFTER you have the baby and it takes a little while to get back to your "normal" size if you ever do get back to it.

I was the opposite - I loved the stretchy waist band and hated going back to regular clothes. Yeah - I was sick of the same old clothes every day - but you can't beat the comfort.

I started showing really soon and have been in maternity clothes for a few weeks now.

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I couldn't wait to buy maternity clothes with #1 and started wearing them by about 8 weeks. This time I think I will be able to go alot longer before going into maternity, everything still fits me fine but my clothes tend to be loser too.

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I don't really remember when I was in mat clothes with any of my kids! I think maybe 14-16 weeks with my last 2, 20+ with my first? I am going to hold out til about 14 weeks this time too with #4. We still have not announced (10 weeks tomorrow!) so wearing mat clothes would be a big announcement Smile I am getting uncomfy now, but I just am wearing my "looser" clothes and can still hide it pretty well.