33 Week Appt & U/S *Long*

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33 Week Appt & U/S *Long*

I had my 33wk appt. Ultrasound was good no pictures Sad baby is SO far down they can't even get her face and it's no fun with just a body lol!

Concern 1- She was measuring about 3lbs 2oz that u/s this time just 3.5lbs. Just a little gain?

I lost 4lbs. But I did spend over 13 hours throwing up with that nasty stomach bug so I mean ok! Dr was ok with it told me to eat something really bad for me! LoL

As far as baby and what she weighs she thinks baby will be about 7.5lbs at birth nothing to worry aobut, she said most likely it's 4.5lbs it's hard to tell with the u/s machine. So I don't know!

Baby is head down, dr did not want to check me, heart beat good and loud!

Concern 2- Hernia defect getting a little bigger and can be felt if laying on back. Dr said we knew this could happen and I might need to have it fixed or it's the mesh expanding and it's really not the defect poping up but we can't tell till after baby is born to get cat scan.

I only have 2 appts left! Dec 13th and Jan 3rd both with Ultrasounds! My dr will be out of town from Dec 20th to Jan 2nd so NO BABY FOR ME! lol I want my dr there so she better not want to come early. Induction will planned for the 8th but when I go on the 3rd if she feels like baby needs to come we can go ahead on the 4th!

Thanks for reading!

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Yay for only two appointments left! Sorry you didnt get to see the cute lil face Sad

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Too bad you didn't get a picture! The babies gain so much weight in those last few weeks and u/s seem to be off weights quite often. Yeah for good strong heartbeat!

My Dr mentioned that she usually send women for another u/s in the last few weeks- but she said nothing about it today Sad I was hoping to get one more.
I also have 2 appt left as I am on weekly now, but then my c-section on the 22nd. Time is flying by :eek:

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I asked about the weekly appt, but my dr said she really did not see a need to do that. Plus she is out of town for the last part of dec and I honeslty just do not like the other Dr's in the practice. I feel ok to the point where if there was an emergency I would call in but I am praying there is nothing like that!

The 22nd will be here before you know it!!!!

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Oh wow, just 2 apts left. Thats exciting! Its nice to know an almost for sure date on when LO will be here Biggrin i can't believe we will be having our babies so soon!