36 Week Appointment

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36 Week Appointment

[LEFT]I have been having problems logging in the past week. It finally got fixed.

I had my 36 week check up Tuesday. My cervix is soft but no dilation. My doctor still says I can have a VBAC if I go into labor naturally and he is not too big. He scheduled a C-section at my last appointment for January 30 just in case. I was informed today that he wanted to move it to January 24 because my blood pressure is getting higher and my crazy situation at home. I will see my baby boy in 3 weeks!

I still have no names picked out. It has been a major fight between me and the father. He wants the name to be Dexter Spence His Last Name. I want the baby to have my last name since we are not married and not together anymore. He won't even be there for the birth. My daughter has his last name but I really want to change it! I think I'm just going to let our daughter name him. She wants his first name to be Flynn (from Tangled). I only have a few weeks to decide! I need help! Dexter or Flynn? Flynn is kind of growing on me since she has called him Flynn since she found out I was having a boy. [/LEFT]

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I like Flynn - but we had a dog named Dexter...plus that is a serial killer on a TV show! LOL! And even though you didnt ask for our opinion on the last name, I say use yours! Especially if you are planning on changing your daughter's name anyway...then you only will have to worry about one change. Smile

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I vote Flynn! It's way cuter! Plus, if I was going through that with dad, I certainly wouldn't want a name that was going to remind me of him.

Yay for having a date!! Sorry you might not get your VBAC but I hope, if it's really important to you, that it happens for you. I hope everything stays healthy and perfect til the end.

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I think it would be cute to have your daughter name him! Thats something they will share for life! I like both names though!

Sorry things are crazy at home and you can relax before little man comes! I hope you get your VBAC!

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I think go with your's & DD's pick for first name (Flynn) and use your last name. It's cute that DD had a say with naming him. I had a say in naming my sister when I was 11 years old. I associate Dexter with the serial killer from the show too though I'm too chicken to watch the series :eek: though I know there are plenty of nice people out there with that name.

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I'm so sorry about all the stress Jill. Hope things start to settle down soon so you can welcome your new baby without all the extra worry. I think Flynn is really cute and I bet it would really please your DD to have a say in naming him. Smile