36 week appointment

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36 week appointment

Went pretty good, still no blood pressure issues, crazy to think I have never been more pregnant than this and by this time last pregnancy everything was going downhill. I've gained 40 pounds, not to worried I gained close to 60 with my daughter and lost it relatively fast. Babys hb was in the 130s but it was morning and she is really lazy in the mornings. Oh on a bad note they rescheduled my c-section, apparently my health insurance that started on jan 1st doesnt cover the hospital I was scheduled at, so now I have to go to this hospital that's really far away, oh well I can't complain to much, at least I have insurance. And my doctor is actually going to go to that hospital to do the surgery so that's a plus. Other than that everything is looking great Biggrin

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Glad everything went well and that there are no blood pressure issues! When is your c-section?

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I'm glad everything is looking good!!!

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Glad you're doing well. It won't be too much longer now !