37+ week midwife appointment

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37+ week midwife appointment

I had my midwife appointment yesterday and everything is looking really good! I took my group B but I am starting to wonder if we will get the results back before I actually go into labor. My BP was good 116/72 and baby's HR was in the 130's. It took them forever to get his HR and took DH and I holding L in place to get it because he kept moving when they would try. He was flip flopping from left to right bad. Finally got it on the left side though and that's where he has mostly been staying the past day or so. I have this weird blood blister looking thing down by my vulva that I had my midwife look at and while I had my pants off anyways decided to go ahead and get checked. I am 1 1/2 but easily stretch to 2cm dilated, 80% effaced, and L's head was 0 station maybe even a +1. So he is super low just as I suspected. It was really hard for her to find my cervix because of his head being in the way. She actually had to push him up to try and find it. It will be interesting how much longer I last, I am not counting on going into labor anytime in the near future but will be ready just in case. Smile

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sounds like a good appointment! I hope you get those results before you go into labor!!

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I am doing the hibiclens wash rather than the antibiotics so if I don't it wont be a big deal. I will just do the wash anyway. But it would be nice to know that before I have baby because I don't want to worry about it if I don't have to.

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You are getting so close Krista!!!

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Yay for a great appointment Wink soon he will be here. Exciting !!!

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You are so close!