7 week u/s with pic * update w/ bigger pic

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7 week u/s with pic * update w/ bigger pic

We had our 7 week u/s today with our RE. We saw a little heart flicker - heart rate was 129-131bpm. We come in for our last appt and u/s with our RE around 10 weeks. He said we can go ahead and set up an appointment with our midwife.

*Update* Finally figured out how to resize so it looks more like a big bean than a tiny blob:

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Congrats! I love u/s!

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Love this! Congrats! That was one of the best things about seeing an RE with my first 2 - I got so many ultrasounds and pictures! Smile

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Congrats again and again! I'm so happy for you. I can't wait to see your u/s when I get home!

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Yay! Beautiful ultrasound. Smile

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Yay!!! Wonderful! I was wondering about you and how the u/s was going.

So glad everything looks great!

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Congratulations!!! HB are wonderful to see Smile

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Congrats! Beautiful!

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Congrats over here! I can't beleive how good the u/s picture is. It's so clear.

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Aw, love the little bean pic!

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OMG, what a cute little peanut!!! Love it!! Great pic - congrats! Yahoo

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Yay!! What a great looking little bean!

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Congrats on a great U/S. I love the pics ! Biggrin

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Look at your beautiful baby!! Congrats!! Yahoo

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Congrats!!! Its super exciting!!!!

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omg so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your US, I think it's awesome how much we can see so early! XOXO