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Add me to team.....

So I had my ultrasound yesterday. DH and I had decided to ask the technician to write the results on a piece of paper and get it sealed in an enveloppe. We planned on going for dinner with our son and open it at the restaurant. However, when we got in the car we were soo anxious to know that we gave it to our son to open and give us the piece of paper. Well I am having a............


I still can't believe it! I was sure I was having another boy. My son and hubby and family are over the moon about the news. I'm excited but already thinking about the stress that comes with having a girl. We spent all night talking about it...boyfriends, her period, her first bra lol. I guess we should take things one step at a time, at least focus on the crawling and walking lol. Anyhow, hb was 149 but SHE is measuring at 19 weeks when I thought I was 21 weeks. This has been the longest pregnancy and I'm not even half way done Smile

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Congrats! Other than the sassy attitude, girls are the greatest!

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Congrats on the little girl! Maybe she is just going to be naturally small.

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Congrats on your baby girl!

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Congratulations on your GIRL!!!!!!!

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Congrats on a Girl Smile

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Congrats for your little girl!

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Congrats on your girl!

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Congrats on your little girl!! :pinkelephant:

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Congrats on your little girl! I have two girls and they are great. My oldest daughter is 13 and we have delt with a lot of the issues you mentioned. If you have an open relationship and talk to them it makes going through things much easier. My husband is really stresses about boys and high school next year.

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Congrats!!!.. :cloud9:
I love the way you guys let your lil man be involved:)