Almost forgot!

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Almost forgot!

To tell you guys I get to see my little guy again on Tuesday!

At my 20 week apt, my dr went over my history again and wanted me to schedule a fetal echocardiogram (no surprise, I've had them with all of them). I have a family history of heart defects. And close to me too--I had one brother and one sister both with serious heart issues. My sister (older than me) died as an infant and my brother (also older) has constant problems still with multiple surgeries and a pacemaker etc. So with my first the dr ordered tons of genetic blood testing for me and a detailed fetal echo--nothing was found with either. So with the last 2 they just did the echo to "make sure" so she wants to do the same with this one.

It will be a 90 minute detailed ultrasound on the high resolution machine at maternal fetal medicine (aka-high risk pg center). So far, at my 20 week, we could see 4 heart chambers and all looked ok, it wasn't a great machine--but nothing blaringly, obviously wrong. So here's hoping we have another healthy hearted baby--and I'm excited to see him again!! Smile (and I think they have a 3d machine too--I hope they use it! LOL)

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Yay for seeing LO again. Hope all turns out well, which it seems like it already is Smile

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wow, that sounds like it will be interesting. It's great that your ob is paying so much attention to your history, etc.

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Oh wow! I hope that everything is OK with baby and you get some awesome pictures to take home with you.