Alyssa's birth story

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Alyssa's birth story

Hi Ladies!

Feels like its been soo long since I've been here. I see alot of babies are born!!! I will read up on all the posts to catch up! Congrats to the new mommies and for those still waiting...hang in there. Here is the story of my little princess Alyssa's arrival.

Wednesday December 21st started like any other day with the regular aches and pains of pregnancy and a few contractions. I went to my weekly checkup and my OB determined that I was not dilated at all nor effaced. He looked at my ultrasounds and changed my due date to January 19 due to the size of the baby on the ultrasound pics. I scheduled my next weeks appointment and went to work. After work, I went Christmas shopping with my son and then spent the evening wrapping gifts. Before going to bed, I texted a friend of mine to schedule a date to get a belly cast made prior to me giving birth (so much for me trying to plan ahead). I fell asleep at around 10:30 and woke up at 11:00 and noticed that my pj's were a bit wet. I thought to myself...could I have peed on myself? As exhausted as I was, I fell right back asleep. I woke up again about 30 minutes later and the bed, the pillow between my legs and my pjs were soaked! I panicked and called my husband who was hanging out with some friends and told him my water broke. He was just in the parking when I called so he rushed in with one of his friends. I was still in denial that this was happening to could this be? DH even went to our bedroom and smelled the pillow and said...yup this is not pee, lets go to the hospital.

Upon arrival, they determined that my water had broken. At that point, I was given the option of getting a c-section right away but I declined. I really wanted to VBAC since my Csection with my son was due to him being in distress while I was having contractions. I was admitted and had a beautiful room. Well now that I was starting to accept that she was coming early whether I wanted to or not, I had barely any contractions from about 1:00am to 2:00pm. I tried walking around and other things but no progress. At this point they started the oxitocin drips to help me with my labour. My contractions started coming very strong and I was in sooooo much pain. I really did not remember it being so painful with my son Sad I was miserable Sad My contractions were coming about 2-3 minutes apart so I thought I must be close to 10 cm only to find out I was only at 1cm :help: and it was 7:00pm! At this point, I requested a csection because I could no longer tolerate the pain. I felt like a failure but I couldnt anymore. They told me it would take about 2hrs until I could get in surgery. Man....those were the longest hours of my life...soo much pain. I am sure there are lots of nurses there that think I'm crazy because I was NOT pleasant to be around by this point.

Anyhow, Alyssa was born at 10:42pm on December 22nd by csection. She was 5lbs 5onces. She was soo precious but soo tiny. I nursed her for a whole hour. It took me a while to get out of the recovery room because my body would not unfreeze. That night, I have no clue what happened once I got to my room. I slept like a baby while DH took care of her. I had a minor breakdown Christmas eve because I was soo sad for not being with my son and feeling like I ruined his Christmas. We got to leave the hospital Christmas day!!!!

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Sorry you didn't get your VBAC! It must have been a great thing to hold your baby on Christmas!

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Congrats!!! Sorry it didn't go exactly as planned but happy to hear she's doing great!!

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Congrats! Glad she is doing well. Smile

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Wow what a tiny little baby! Congratulations mommy, sorry you didn't get the VBAC but it was probably for the best as they will only let you go a certain amount of time when your water is broken.