Angela (JuneorJulyBaby?) is having a baby today!!

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Angela (JuneorJulyBaby?) is having a baby today!!

Her water broke and Emily is going to arrive today!! YAY! So many babies, I can't believe it!!!

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Yay! ELV'S!!!!!

Oh my gosh what is up with all the early baby's?!?!?!?!?!? I think I am going to be one of the only ones that actually makes it to having a baby in January.

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Krista I don't think I am going this month but that is ok, it's nuts we already have 3 Jan babies! I think on my last birth board we only had 3 ladies go early and one was twins!

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Being one of the last due and knowing that both my others were born around their due date I'm sure I will be among the last to go. lol. We have actually had 4 mommas have their baby's! Only one was actually due in December too! The others were due Jan 1st, 10th, and 18th. I am fine waiting till January to have my little monster(said in a loving way btw) I just might end up needing to take a leave from the board for a bit so I don't get depressed and jealous of all you other mommas holding your sweet little ones. He NEEDS to stay in till January 9th at the soonest but I don't expect him to come any sooner than maybe a week early.

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I hope I am one of the ones that actually makes it to January too! It's making me very nervous to see all of these babies already. I have to work at least until the 23rd, and I would have one very dissapointed co-worker if I didn't make it to my actual end of work date on the 30th. Then I need a little time after I finish work to get things settled around the house. I am hoping no earlier than the 14th of January for me.

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It's getting exciting around here ! Smile I'm in no hurry though. I want this LO to stay put until after Christmas. I wouldn't even mind if he/she stayed in there until my due date.

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Yay!! Hope it is a great labor and delivery for her!

I am sure to make it to my due date (or past!) too! I don't really have early babies.

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oh my goodness these babies are coming left and right!! Congrats!

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Exciting! Another baby!

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Good luck and hope everything goes well!!

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Holy! It's raining babies! I hope that Angela and Emma are doing well.

I wish Jonah had waited--we just moved house at the beginning of last week, and while my very strong nesting instinct got all things baby done, we had hoped to get the rest of the house in order before the boy came. He'll probably sleep in a box because we can't clear a path to the crib.