Any cravings yet?

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Any cravings yet?

Is anyone having any cravings or eating food that seems 10X better now that you are pregnant?

Chinese is calling my name and I do not know why Smile Lomein noodles with sweet and sour sauce is just great! I am also loving apples and peanut butter!

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Ehn...not really. I mean, one day I thought pizza sounded good but it was just sorta ok. And hurt my tummy to boot. I did, last time we went to SAn Francisco, crave croissants from my fav Tartine but didn't want to wait in line. I just got to make them yesterday. They are excellent, though they always are. Mmmm, chocolate croissants. I've had 1.5 today so I've locked them up and I am not allowed anymore.

I wish things tasted better. I am such a foodie that having good NOT interest me is sad. I can look at it but eating it just doesn't interest me these days.

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Carbs. The lure of the forbidden, I think. Lol

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Sweets!!!! I want anything sweet! I never buy anything but man every time I pass them my mouth waters!

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I'm loving fruit right now- especially cantaloupe with cottage cheese.

Last night I had a bagel before bed because I was feeling icky-- I was in heaven! I will be having another today I am sure.

My son's goldfish crackers seem to help keep the sickies away too.

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I've been having a few here and there, this morning I'm already thinking about mashed potatoes and sour cream.

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last week i was just wanting to eat everything in sight!!!! it seems to have levelled off a bit this week though...but i have been enjoying a daily bagel with cream cheese and it has certainly added some brightness to my day.

when i was pg with DD, there was one day that I had the oddest craving for horseradish and cream cheese. a girlfriend of mine makes a chip dip out of softened cream cheese with horseradish and it is DE-LISH! the day that i had a craving for it, i ran around to every variety store in a 3 block radius trying to find some!! (i eventually did, and made the dip...and it was a beautiful thing).

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My cravings change constantly, but I have been craving a lot of carbs (pasta, bagels, pizza...) and eggs. I think I ate eggs for breakfast for like a week straight.

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Pizza and cookies! haha yummy!

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Yep, since day one I've been craving sweets!! Ice cream anyone!!!