anyone else?

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anyone else?

Is there anyone else that is still dealing with waves of morning sickness? I'm over 15 weeks and I still have moments where I feel like I'm going to need to run to the bathroom! By 13 weeks my m/s was completely gone and I ate everything in site, but this time there are certain things that taste really good but most of the time I'm still just eating little bits through out the day. I'm finally able to eat a normal sized meal but some times all I can handle are a couple bites before I HAVE TO STOP, or else. This is SO weird for me and slightly annoying. So is there anyone else still dealing with this or am I the lone duck?

(sorry about the duck comment I'm listening to my sons CD and it has the rubber ducky song on it that just happens to be playing at this moment. lol)

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I still have it mainly in the morning when I first get up. With ds it was gone by now! So I feel ya. I will occasionally get a wave in the middle of the day but its usually because I need to eat. Hang in there!

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You're definitely not alone. I had a "relapse" at 15 weeks, too. I threw up and was nauseous for 4-5 days in a row. Then it stopped again. Since then I've thrown up consistently every 3 or 4 days. I'll be completely fine, and then a sudden wave of nausea hits and even if I do throw up, the nausea tends to continue. I'm typically back in mild to moderate m/s mode for that day. It sucks, but at least it's not like before!

I really hope it lets up for you again. Maybe it's just a short-lived relapse?

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Mine has never fully went away. I have a bout at least once a day. At least I can move around and eat most of the time. Smile

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Every once in a while I'll get a nauseous moment but mostly it left at 10/11 weeks. Sorry you are still dealing with it.

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I throw up every single morning... like clock work, and then i am fine and move on with my day. It still sucks though!

I feel everybodys pain, and i hpe all of you girls feel better QUICK!!!!