Anyone else?

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Anyone else?

Has anyone else not prepped ANYTHING at all for baby's arrival?

I keep feeling like I have all this time, which I'm sure will go faster than I realize, but I haven't done anything. Granted, I have everything I really need, except diapers and wipes and some new items like binky's or baby shampoo etc--you know, the disposable stuff.

But I have yet to:

  • pull anything out of storage and wash it (carseat, bassinet, clothes, bouncey seat)
  • make (or buy) a new sling (wanted a maya wrap style)
  • pack an overnight bag for me, or baby, or any of the kids if they have to go to a friends
  • buy a swing
  • pre-register at the hospital
  • pick a name (or even have a general list of names that we like! my first list all go to vetoed by one or both of us)

NOTHING! I still feel like I have time--I guess being #4, I don't feel any big rush. But my friend scared me the other day at church and asked when i was due again. I said "mid january" and she exclaimed that that was when she was due with her last--who came dec 27th! I said "oh, I've never had one come that early" and she replied with "neither had I!" (it was her 3rd) OOPS! I'd better get on a few things! I think I'll try to do it over Christmas break when its cold and I'm just home with the kids out of school and hanging out with them.

Anyone else still have a lot to prepare?

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I am in the same boat and have not done any of the things on your list either. Blah. I know I'll be scrambling at the end but so far I have no motivation!

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I still need to:

Pack hospital bag
finalize name list
Buy carseats
buy bassinette
buy basic supplies (diapers, wipes, etc...)
find Dr. for baby's club foot....though I think we're close here.

But I think pretty much everything else is taken care of. I'm pre-registered and have washed all the Newborn and 0-3 month baby clothes. I've sorted and stored all the rest of Nathan's old clothes as well. We're working really hard to try and re-organize the house to make room for baby. I just can't seem to get on top of the cleaning around here. UGH!

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I still have to get a car seat and get all of her clothes washed.

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I have kicked into overdrive since last week! Had a bay shower last saturday so that helped with some of the stuff I needed. so went and bought a few things more.
I have:washed and sorted clothes,
had to wash car seat as one of the cats peed on it, so now need to put it back together. Bought wipes, diapers (still need more), got baby wash.
Today I went out and bought some new nursing pj's for the hospital and home and some nursing bras.
Have my nursing pads, maxi pads.
Set up bassinet
went on hospital tour last night.
Christmas presents wrapped and Santa stuff sorted for dh.

Not done
NAME- this is one of the things that bugs me the most- dh and I can't agree so far.
Packed my hospital bag

Wow- I had felt like I had not done much but now that I have 2 weeks left this week has been busy getting organized.

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I just got most of it done this past weekend.

I had a diaper party, but asked for no newborns sooooo, hmmm, guess I have to get some diapers. lol. But I have wipes for days & some diapers in a bunch of other sizes.

I just washed all the blankets, swing, etc this past Monday.

Ed & I went sunday to get the last things like waterproof pads, burp clothes, pack n play w/ infant sleeper & bathtub. I also bought a few things to munch for labor & recovery: animal crackers, jolly ranchers & powerades.

Currently our to-go bag is a target bag w/ a bunch of stuff thrown into it. lol.

We have a middle name, Boots, but only a list for a first name. =/

I need to get going b/c I can labor anytime now, but I guess I feel like I'll jinx myself if I actually do it all.

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I am not prepared at all! All of my baby clothes are still sitting in bags in the trunk of the car. I just found out that the swing and bouncey seat for my daughter were given away. I don't have a crib and sold the Cosleeper before I found out I was pregnant. I literally have nothing done!

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Sounds like everyone is getting all set Smile

I actually have a lot done but still feel unprepared Sad The night before I packed Landon’s items but still need to pack mine. (if there is any I plan to take a few snacks if I remember to do so Wink

I like this thread because it reminded me on a few things I still need Smile I have already done the hospital tour and pre-registration Smile

What I have so far is…
Diapers (NB and size 1), Wipes, pacifiers (3 different kinds), nursing pads and after BIG day pads, shampoos and lotions, bottles, bottle inserts, bottle warmer, Playpen with changing table, Travel system stroller, stationary entertainment, bouncer, height chair, bathing tub, sun visor, crib bedding, crib mobile and too many clothes. (every time I turn around I am giving something to good will) I am now doing my second round of washing the clothes / blankets / socks / bibbs but this time in Drift.. but I used bouce drier sheets so I am not sure if I am doing this pointless :eek:

What I need is..
A CRIB.. I have the older style but I heard they are recalled Sad
Breast bump
Nursing bra
Lotion for my soon to be soar taa taas :eek:
Night gown
storage bags for breast milk
Mirror for my vehicle (in time)
To put the car seat in my vehicle
Sterilizer (not sure if I need it.. as I know there are other ways)
Medicine kit
Plugs for around the house (well later on)
Pacifier Hook
Diaper bag.. my DH says I don’t need one Sad
Last but not least.. COMFY, FLUFFY "good Luck" Socks

Hmm still so much to do but I know some can be done later on..