Is anyone having to "slow down" yet? (XP)

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Is anyone having to "slow down" yet? (XP)

Does anyone feel like their normal routine is just "too much" yet? For example, before I was pregnant on Sunday afternoons I would clean all 3 bathrooms and then vaccuum the house all at once to get it done and over with. Now I can only do one of the tasks and I have to rest in between. This really isn't that big of a deal BUT...

I am also noticing at work I just can't do what I used to do. I am on my feet a lot in the lab making samples, doing dilutions, running instruments, etc. and I am getting out of breath and tired. I tried sitting down more in the lab to do some tasks but I can only do certain things on my feet and there is no getting around that. I will be transferring groups soon (12 work days and counting!!!) but I have a feeling I will be in a similar situation over there. It's kind of embarrassing saying I can't do what I used to do but do you think it's warrented? I mean, it's only going to get worse. I don't remember this happening to me until later on in my pg with Nicholas. I'm just getting old Sad

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HECK.YES! Even the smallest things I use to do wear me out. I am in bed by 8:30 every night. From the minute I get home I am busting my butt trying to do everything I need to do before my energy fades. Last night I unloaded groceries, sat for a break, made myself a plate of pizza, took a break, loaded the dishwasher, took a break, made lunches, break, picked out DS' clothes, break and on and on...its crazy!

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This pregnancy is wearing me out!

With DS#4 I worked in a kitchen for (on average) 10 hours a day. Lifting HUGE vats of buttercream off the mixer, mixing enough cake batter to fill 50 pans and I did it all with a smile and never got tired until the end of my day.

These days, I am begging DS#4 to take a nap at 12:30 so that I can just sit down.

And I have noticed that on my walks, I am walking slower and out of breath early on, which was NOT the case with DS#4. I actually found myself swaying while I walked yesterday. It was subtle but I noticed!

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I'm actually finally getting closer to normal. I was totally out of commission for the first trimester..sick and exhausted. The house got to be a WRECK....finally I'm able to get back to doing lots of the things that need doing around the house.

However...even though I feel so much better I still can't do quite what I used to. The other night at my chorus rehearsal we did lots of dancing numbers one right after the other and I had to step out for about 5 minutes to lie down because I was feeling a little faint. Must have been the increased blood volume getting to me.

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Yes, but I haven't found time to rest.

W/ the moving, etc I just haven't been able to find time to rest even tho I'm tired.

It's gotten harder for me to run as well. I find myself walking more than I used to & the potty breaks are not helping. =/

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My energy has been picking up this trimester so that I can go on easy hikes and start kayaking again, but my cardio endurance is not back to normal. I'm huffing when I have to do more than two flights of stairs. I feel like I'm all go at work but then I pay for it later when I feel like I need to crash. I wish my baby bump was more obvious under my scrubs so that people would give me their seat on the bus when it gets too full. Last time I was hoping this guy next to me would notice, I kept smoothing my top down and casually rubbing my stomach, all while thinking "Look at me, give me your seat, can't you see I'm standing for two here" Didn't work. I'm sure even if someone suspected they probably don't want to insult me in case I wasn't actually pregnant Blum 3 I've given up my seat for older and disabled riders so I figure it's my turn. I'm considering switching to a more noticeable t-shirt for the ride home next time.

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Yes, I'm tired. But have been too busy to sleep Sad I am hoping to get a lot done though because i know by 3rd trimester, this tiredness will seem like nothing!