Anyone wanna look at my bean?

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Anyone wanna look at my bean?

Thanks so much to everyone for your support these past few days.

Had my first visit with my old OB today. He spent a lot of time on me.....he's such a great guy. He saw a little bit of blood mixed in with CM, but didn't seem concerned about that at all. He gave me an ultrasound on one of those nice old in-office machines. Found baby without any difficulty and we saw a nice big flickering heart. Looked to be flickering really fast, though he didn't measure heart rate. Baby is measuring 4 days behind at 6w 3d which seemed to worry no one but me.

Dr. did say that he can't say for certainty that the fever wouldn't cause any developmental difficulties but that we'd monitor closely and see how things have progressed with another ultrasound in 2 weeks.

All in all, a very good appt and while I'm still not feeling 100% confident, it makes me feel much better that there is indeed an apparently healthy and growing bean in there. DH was just so ecstatic to see that little beating heart. I'm so happy that he could come to my first appt.

Baby's first photo:

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Yay for a bean and heartbeat!

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Ummm, you don't even need to ask if we want to see a pic! The answer is always yes, yes, yes!!!!

So cute! And so glad things are going along well with a nice strong heart beat!

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Great bean pic, glad everything looks great!!

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Congrats on seeing the heartbeat! Hopefully in 2 weeks you will feel better about everything. 4 days difference by ultrasound (especially and old one) isn't much! I was measuring 5 days behind with Nicholas with an old ultrasound but then measured AHEAD by 3 days when they used the good one on me. :bigarmhug:

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Yay for a heart beat and bean!!!!!!

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Posts: 187 it! Glad you got good news and so happy that the bean is getting nice and settled in. Smile I wouldnt worry about measuring slightly smaller...maybe it just took an extra day or two for the fertilized egg down to where it needed to be....

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Great news Amber! It's always so great when the men in our lives get that wave of excitement, even if it only lasts for a little while, it's great to know it's in there somewhere.

I can see the u/s pic, but I'm sure it's amazing. Congrats again.

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That's a great picture! Smile

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What a cute bean ! Congrats on a great appt ! Biggrin

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Nice lil bb u have there Smile I am very glad that all is well Smile

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that fluttering little heart is such an awesome thing to see. glad baby is doing well!

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So glad you had a good appointment!! Hopefully this will help put you more at ease. Seeing that little bean is reassuring. What a great feeling! And you get to see your LO again in two weeks! YAY!!!

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Yayyy... congrats on a great appt and seeing your LO!

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I think this is great news! I have been freaking out because my u/s dates don't match each other (not enough growth in the days between) and I remembered last night that my MW said some fetuses are more curly than others. It's really between 10-12 weeks that the measurements are the most accurate. Maybe we have curly beans? It's helping me stay positive. Great to see the hb, hmm?

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Awesome! Congrats on seeing your bean! Yahoo

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yay! congrats!