Awful pregnancy

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Awful pregnancy

Hi Everyone! I haven't been posting much but I do read up on all of you and I am happy to see that so many are finding out their babies gender and starting to get ready for our "January Snowflakes". On my end, I am still having an awful pregnancy. M/S has not subsided and diclectin was no longer working (although I was taking 8 pills per day :eek: ). I had to go to the ER last friday because I felt sooo weak. I was told that I was dehydrated and given IV and spent the day there. The ER doctor prescribed me a new med which I bought that same night and started taking right away. By the next night the back of my neck and shoulders were hurting. I told DH to give me a message thinking maybe I got some type of whiplash or something from throwing up....anyhow to make a long story short the pain never left. I googled the med and found out that it is mostly given to patients coming out of surgery or chemotherapy who have difficulties keeping food down. Muscular rigidity is a side effect and if felt a dr should be contacted right away...I called my OB yesterday to see if he can see me and he hasnt called back (I've stopped taking the med as well). I am so discouraged and don't know what else could go wrong with this pregnancy. The only thing I'm now looking forward to is finding out which team we are joining next Friday! Sorry for the long post....I am just soo fed up and I think DH is tired of listening to me complain....:confused:

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How terrible! I'm so sorry you're having such an incredibly difficult pregnancy. I hope they can find a solution for you soon.

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Cassandra - I'm sorry you have having so many issues with m/s. I pray it passes soon for you!

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Cassandra, I am sorry you are having such a terrible time w/ your pregnancy. It is truly an awful thing. I hope things turn around for you soon so that you can start enjoying your miracle sometime soon.

Good luck friday if we don't hear from you & KUP on what your ob says & how your scan goes.

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I'm so sorry you feel awful Sad I hope they can give you a new medicine to help you keep some food down.

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Hope you can find some relief soon!! :bigarmhug:

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Oh my goodness...that sounds just awful. I wish I had some good words of advise but I dont. Sad I hope your doctor is able to get your m/s under control and I hope that it subsides very soon. :bigarmhug:

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I am sorry you having a difficult pregnancy. Sending hugs and get better vibes.