And the baby is.....

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And the baby is.....

A BOY! We did our gender reveal party tonight and found out we are joining team blue. We are excited but a little reserved as the baby had a foot tucked up in the genital area so it wasn't as clear cut as our first.

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Congrats! Guess he was a bit shy Smile

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Aww, congrats!! Welcome to Team BLUE!!

I hope you can share pics of the u/s and the party.

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Congrats on your little boy!! Smile

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Congrats on the little boy!

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Congrats on your baby boy!!!!! Smile

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Congratulations! :party:

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Congratulations on your baby BOY!!!!!

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Congratulations on your BOY!

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Congrats on a BOY!!!

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Congrats!! Welcome to team BLUE Smile

(there sure are alot of boys)