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Baby question

So my first daughter was soo incredibly hard I had no idea I would ever ask this question.. Is it normal for a baby to not cry? My husband and I actually can count on one hand how many times she has cried since she was born. Should we be worried or are some babies really this calm? She fusses and squirms when shes hungry or during a diaper change, but other than that she just chills. We are actually getting a little worried:(

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Totally normal, they sleep a lot the first few weeks. I noticed Emily slept a lot more than Nicholas, I think it is because she was earlier (born at 38w1d instead of 39w2d)

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Completely normal, it just has to do with tempermany. My daughter never really cried as an infant. To this day she is still a very calm child. Just count yourself as very lucky people and enjoy your time with your new baby:)

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My dd was that angel baby that didn't cry. For the first 2 months she hardly cried at all. And when she got to crawling and into things, then she got vocal and had frustrated cries! It's temperament. In fact, my dd was such a calm newborn, she would squeak a little when hungry, I'd feed her and when she was tired, she would stare off and go to sleep--even if she was just siting in her bouncer or carseat.