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Baby shower

So a friend from church is INSISTING on throwing a baby shower for me--because she says every baby and birth should be celebrated! I feel so weird though, having a shower for my 3rd boy--when I have saved practically everything! Some of the outfits I have might be worse for wear now, after going through 2 boys (and some more, since they began as hand-me-downs). But still--I feel awkward!

I have no idea when it will be yet, but it might end up being after baby arrives if it doesn't happen soon! All I know is I'm supposed to come up with my invite list.

Anyone else have a shower, or sprinkle, this time when you have other kids of the same gender?

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I had a baby shower for this one as well. I had a friend that really REALLY wanted to give me a baby shower and she also felt that any and all baby's should be celebrated. We had ours in November before all the crazy holiday's hit. I wouldn't feel too bad about it. I got a lot of diapers, some wipes, and some clothes. I'm set on newborn clothes now. Smile It also helped me cycle out some old ones that really were looking sad after 2 previous boys. I hope yours is fun and you get some awesome stuff! It would surprise me if you have one before your little one decides to come. You don't have much time left. Smile

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I really do agree that every baby deserves a baby shower.. But I do understand your worry but just go with the flow.. It's a GOOD thing Smile

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I had a diaper shower but people bought other things as well. A friend from church threw it for me and it was a great time. If she wants to throw you one why not. Or even a meet the baby party!