Baby Snowflake has arrived !

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Baby Snowflake has arrived !

It's a......

BOY !!!!!

Joshua David Randy
Born January 10th at 2:08 pm
8 pds, 9 ounces
21.5 cm

He is SO precious ! It's so neat having a newborn again.

I'll write more later, but I got my natural VBAC ! It was amazing and went so fast. The nurses kept saying how impressed they were that I was so in control. I was loud once when he was coming out, but no screaming whatsoever. I feel amazing and I'm so in love with my little man. God is so wonderful ! I'll try to post pics soon.

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YAY!!!!!! Congrats!!! Another boy how amazing!!! I am so happy you were able to get your vbac!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it and see pictures!!

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yay thats so exciting!!!!! CONGRATS!!!

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Congrats! Glad you were able to have your natural vbac as you wanted. Bet you are glad to no longer be pregnant...that was a long wait for you. Joshua was born on Phineas' original due date Smile

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Congratulations!!! That's awesome that you got your VBAC! Congrats on your little boy! Looks like January was meant to be a boy month. lol. I can't wait to hear the full story! Looks like the sweep worked great for you! Congrats again!

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Yay!!! Congrats!!!

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Yayyy Congrats!!! Welcome to team BLUE :). I can't wait to see pics Wink

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Congrats on your baby boy Joshua and that you got your vbac!

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That's awesome that you got your VBAC! Congrats on your new baby boy.

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Congratulations! He is adorable--sounds like a great birth experience!