Bad news.... *updated*

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Bad news.... *updated*

So... I started bleeding about an hour ago. Sad

I am thinking that this is a chemical pregnancy. But I don't know, I've never experienced this.
However, my OB finally called me back and she put in an order for me to get blood work done today and Wednesday. I am really curious what my numbers are so I didn't mention the bleeding. I figured I can say it when she calls me with my numbers later today, since I am sure she may be concerned.

I will keep you all posted, but I'm sure I'm off to February.


Okay, so I am pretty effing pissed right now. After I got my blood work done, I called my OB and told her that I started bleeding and that I was concerned. She just called me back and said that my blood work came back negative (like at 0) and that I probably got a false positive. UMMMMM.... Last time I checked a false positive is RARE and really only happens on blue dye tests. I am pretty sure BOTH of my FRERs (which were from different packs and different stores even) did not show me a false positive. I think that sometimes doctors are lazy and they don't want to do the extra work involved. My husband is worried that it's a chemical pregnancy and that I should get looked at. I am not too concerned since it's doing what it should be doing. So yeah. False positive my behind.... Starting up my next round of Clomid in two days and moving on to February.

You girls have been the sweetest to me ever and I want to thank you all so much for everything. I wish you all a H9M! And baby dust to those waiting for their BFPs!

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I'm so sorry to hear that Jenna Sad :( Sad

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Oh, Jenna, I am so very sorry.

Hoping you are super fertile after this and it happens quickly and sticky next cycle. {{{hugs}}}

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I'm so sorry Jenna.

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Aw im so sorry. Hopefully the numbers come back good. Not all bleeding is bad. Hoping for the best for you :bigarmhug:

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Jenna I'm so sorry :bigarmhug: please KUP

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so sorry ! :bighug:

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So sorry Sad I had a chemical pregnancy back in August--they certainly put you on an emotional roller coaster. Hope you get good news soon!


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I'm SO sad to read this news. Sad I'm so sorry Jenna. I wish you could stay here with us. (((BIG HUGS))) Praying you get the baby you long for very soon. Please KUP on how you're doing. I will be totally stalking you. :bigarmhug:

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I'm so very sorry, Jenna. :bigarmhug:

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I'll be stalking you!

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Oh no Jenna! I am so sorry. That makes me so mad that your doctor just dismissed it as a false positive. I agree, false positives are super rare, and we all saw the pink in your line. Many, many hugs. I will be stalking you on February. Here's hoping for a Valentine's baby!

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That just plain stinks! I'm so sorry. ITA that a false positive is just so unlikely. GL on the next go around.

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Wow, Jenna. I'm so so sorry. What a crappy move on the OB's part.

I can tell you one thing- you've got a whole bunch of ladies pulling for you and hoping that you get your sticky bean soon.


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Oh Jenna. I'm so sorry. Your doc sounds like a jerk. I had two failed IUI's before getting pregnant with Cameron. I know what a roller coaster it is. Good luck with the next cycle!


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I'm so sorry Jenna :bigarmhug:

I think the tests are often extra sensitive now - I know some pick up as little as 7 (even when they claim 10-25. CP's SUCK.