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Belly buttons

Has anyone's belly button started to pop out other than mine. lol. I used to have a good inny that turned to a shallow inny after I had DS1. It never did pop out with DS1 and with DS2 I don't remember it starting to pop until well past 20 weeks but seriously this time it's already starting to pop out!:eek: Mine starts popping out at the top first and then just slowly moves down and the top of my belly button is already starting to pop out. It's crazy! I can't believe it's started already!

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Mine doesn't pop. It gets really sensitive & just stretches flat. It's kind of like I no longer have one. I'd rather it pop. Sad I think that's so cute.

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With my first it just stretched and went flat and super sensitive like yours but my second it popped a little and with this one I'm afraid it's going to pop a lot.

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Mine didn't pop with Nathan either....just went flat. I wish mine would just pop out too.

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Mine has been full on out since 12 weeks this time around!!! With my last it didnt pop out till after 20 weeks and by the end it was flat .... It got so streched last time, I had no chance this time!

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Mine never popped the first time, it didn't even get flat, just shallow. This time it seems deeper than normal :eek: Probably because I have some flab padding the baby around that area.

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Oh gosh. I sure hope mine doesn't do that but it does seem to be moving outward.. hoping just a little because my DH will never let me live that down ... BOOOO