Belly pics: Week of 9/04

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Belly pics: Week of 9/04

So I finally took some new belly pics. Haven't taken any in a few weeks.

Here is my 23.5 wk belly.

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Cute Lesley!

Mine looks smaller to me. Yes I am in my bed shorts, I was in the process of getting ready for bed when I remembered.

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Krista you bump does look a little smaller but it may just be that babe is all stretched out instead of balled up! And your legs look super duper long. Im jealous lol

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It's mainly the basket ball shorts lol. No my legs are pretty long compared to my torso. I think baby boy was probably sitting more in my back. lol.

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I swear I get bigger by the week lol

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My 22 week pics:

View from above. Look Ma! No feet!

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everyone looks sooo good Smile one day ill have a belly and will be able to post a picture lol, i swear my son must be wrapped around my spine or something