Big U/S yesterday

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Big U/S yesterday

Well, the little stinker did not fully co-operate. I have to go back next Thursday because she couldn't get a good measurement of the spine. The baby was lying on his/her back the whole time. She made me get up and go to the bathroom to see if that would make the baby move, but it just made him/her curl up even more. She said she is not worried because from what she saw everything looks fine, but they need the measurement to send to the Dr. She was not very talkative so I was a little worried during the scan, but I asked her at the end if everything else looked good and she said yes. She said everything looks fine and baby is measuring right in line with my EDD. She was able to get everything she needed except for the spine measurement. At one point the baby was lying on his/her back with his/her foot on his/her head. SO cute !

I talked to DH while we were waiting to go in about finding out the gender. I have no idea why, but I am dying to know this time ! I was team green all the way with both my boys and didn't want to know until the birth, but this time I just want to know. DH was adamant about not knowing at first but then he said "let's get her to write it down and then we can decide later". I asked the tech if she could write it down and she said the baby wasn't co-operating. The little bum was all curled up and there was no way to tell. DH and I talked some more about it last night and he said that I managed to sway his opinion and that it would be fun to do it differently this time So, hopefully little Snowflake will co-operate when we go back next Thursday so we can find out. I'm going to try eating & drinking something sugary to get this lazy one to move. I

t figures, the one time we want to know, the baby won't co-operate. I bet Matty and Daniel had their legs wide open during their scans. lol

Here are the pics from the scan.

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Awww Nathalie,

Your little one looks so so cute and wow that baby can bend lol.. thanks for sharing your experience and it’s great that you will get to see s/he next week Smile I just hope the lil buddle cooperates Wink

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Good Luck next week Nathalie!! Glad everything looked good & good job getting dh on board. You deserve to know if you want to. Smile

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Geez are all babies that flexible?! Haha. Hope you find out the gender next week! Smile

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Look how flexible s/he is! I can't believe the one time you want to find out the baby hides the goods - LOL. Maybe its a sign! Ha - just kidding.

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Yoga baby in there! So cute!

Hopefully the baby will cooperate next time around. Smile

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Cute pics !!
Good luck next week and hopefully the baby cooperates Smile

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Great u/s pics, the legs over baby's head is a great pic.

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I love the legs over your baby's head! Too cute!

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Thanks everyone.

I think that is the coolest U/S pic I've ever gotten of any of my babies. Crazy how flexible babies are. Biggrin

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sorry the baby wouldnt show i hope you get a great shot next week