Birth story and pics ( very pic heavy)

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Birth story and pics ( very pic heavy)

I went in on the 17th for my scheduled c-section, there was a mix up and I was there too early so they had me get in a johnny and hooked me up to the monitors. After like an hour my nurse comes in and says that they're taking me for my section first, there was another girl getting one but they screwed up and I was supposed to be the first on and then hers second. Anyways, I was glad they were doing it sooner because I was anxious and nervous and just wanted to meet my little guy.

I got the I.V. hooked up, they gave me the nasty drink for nausea and we headed down to the OR, they had to wait for last minute blood test results to make sure my platelets were ok before I could get the spinal, but after like 10 minutes they got the go ahead to give me the spinal. It felt like ages before I was all numb and everything was hooked up, the doctor came in and someone went to get DH. I started feeling funny and my hands went numb so I told the anethesia guy and he gave me some thing in my IV to get my blood pressure up, I guess it fell pretty low, it happened again a few times but they were able to get it up again.

After a few minutes I felt tugging and heard my little guy! It was just awesome to finally hear his little voice. They lifted him over the sheet so I could see him before they brought him over to be wiped off. they brought him over to me after a few minutes and I was able to give him a kiss before they brought him to get checked out. I got wheeled into my room again and after what seemed like forever they brought Nikolas in to me, he weighed 7 lbs. 2 oz and 20 inches long. I was told he was small like his brother was from U/S, he was 5 lbs, so I was suprised to hear he was so much bigger.

We're home now, I actually left a day early, I felt like I could recover better at home and since Niki was doing so good they agreed to let us go home a day early. I have one home visit from a visiting nurse next week since I left early. I feel pretty good and am getting around ok, and Nikolas is a really good baby, he feeds every 2 hours or so and only really cries when he's hungry. He had a little jaundice but nothing too bad, so tomorrow we bring him to the doctor.

So that's pretty much it for the birth story, everything went well and Nikolas is healthy Biggrin Here are some pics! (I didn't resize them so they might be big)

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Such a handsome little man. Congrats again Tanya. Biggrin

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He is so cute! He looks like a little doll!! Congrats!! Glad everything went well for the c-section!!!

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So happy you are recovering quickly from your C-Section! He is too cute!

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Congrats! What a sweetie!