Bottomless pit

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Bottomless pit

That's me! I can't get enough to eat these days! I'm trying really hard to control it so I don't blimp out here at the end (I've certainly gained enough at this point), but I am HUNGRY!

For lunch I had a big plate of leftover thai curry and pad thai, then a pop tart and glass of milk, then a bowl of cereal. It has been 1 hour and I'm already feeling hungry! Good grief!

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Some days I am like that and others I don't want to eat at all. I don't want any meat at all. Not even chicken i just get turned off. Cereal and I are best friends I could eat a whole box in 1 day if I let myself!

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I am like you Ashly. I will not really eat anything at all one day & then they next I wake up STARVING!!

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I'm hungry all the time too!

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I had a "growth spurt" starting Thanksgiving and it lasted 4 days. I was eating everything in sight (that didn't have carbs). It was so yummy. My appetite has certainly picked up since then but it slowed down a little...thank goodness!

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For me it comes and goes :eek: I love me some cereal.. not even the really good kind. DH had to stop by me apple jacks Sad

In the past 3 weeks I have been gaining a pound a week but as you know most of it is our lil guy.. I still cannot believe he is 6 pounds already.. wow

I actually don’t eat enough or as often as I should.. but as long as he is growing everything is "A" ok in my book Smile