Breast Pump ? Evenflo, Playtex or Medela

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Breast Pump ? Evenflo, Playtex or Medela

Hi Ladies,

I am thinking about purchasing a new breast pump but I was wondering if Medela's are worth the money. From what I have read they are but I was wondering if anyone has used a different product and would recommend?

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I really REALLY want a medela but I have a lansinoh one that I got from walmart for DS1 and it's still working okay for me. It sounds like it's starting to possibly wear out but it is still going and does the job. Smile It is 3 1/2 years old too. They are a heck of a lot cheaper and they do work pretty good. One thing you need to consider when buying a pump is how frequently it will be used. If you will be working and using it a lot I would go for the medela ones because they have the longest life span with heavy use. The lansinoh is great for use at home with pumping every few days but the suction on it can be hard on your poor nips.

But that might just be for me as I seem to need to turn it up higher then most in order for it to give me the right stimulation to get my milk flowing. lol.

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Thanks Smile

Yeah I plan to breast feed for a while and even when I go back to work. Aside from being super great for baby it saves on the pocket as well Smile

Hoping that the little guy will take to it Smile

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I introduced my DS2 to a bottle at just over 2 weeks old, never before then, and he took a bottle till I went a month with out giving one to him and he never would take one again. Most people say wait 6 weeks but 2 weeks should be long enough to not cause any nipple confusion. I personally wouldn't go any longer than 4 weeks before introducing the bottle. But like I said, my babies are picky and if I go too long at all they will refuse the bottle all together.

As for the cost. That's why I went with the Lansinoh, it was a heck of a lot cheaper. I've heard good things about the playtex ones too. Make sure you get the electric one if you are going to pump after going back to work.

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I have a medela pump in style and I love it. It worked so well with Nicholas and I pumped 3x day from when I went back to work in Sept 09 until Feb 09ish. I got it from Babies R Us with a 20% off coupon and also at a time they were running a special where you got some extra bottles and accessories with it for free. Check with your insurance because some insurances will cover the cost, or partial cost, of breastpumps. I have BCBS and they covered 40% but only certain hospital grade ones and the cost ended up being equivalent.

As far as pumping goes, I would recommend starting very soon after baby is born to help increase your supply and get your body used to the pump. I know in some cases people don't respond to the pump (baby is always more efficient!) and it would be a shame to waste all that money on something you can't use.

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With DD1 I got a double electric First Years pump. It worked great, but I didn't use it much. With DD2 I used the same one and because I used it so much more the motor began to burn out so the suction is hardly there. I also got a hand pump one but I don't remember the brand. It may be a Lansinoh brand.

This time around I plan on pumping a lot more and got a Medela. I also checked reviews on Amazon to see what people said about certain ones, the pros and cons and when I got a good prince on a Medela I went ahead and bought it ($170 on ebay for a new one with extra stuff and a diaper bag).

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I used the Avent single manual pump w/ both of my LO's & plan to use it again. A lot of people complain that it takes too long, etc, but I don't mind it & I guess I just don't know what I'm missing since I've never used an electric.

I love it & bought another one to use w/ this one. I pump at home & at work & have gotten a great stash w/ it.

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I have an Ameda electric double pump. I love it!

It's a closed system and that was important for me because I can be *ahem* lazy. Smile

I got mine on eBay from a LC and I think i saved about $90.00 doing the bid thing.

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I originally had an Avent manual pump which broke after a couple of months, so I went out and bought the Medela mini-electric. I love my Medela pump. I've had it since DS#1 was a couple of months old and it still works great. The mini-electric is one of their smaller pumps, but it works great for me because I only pump occasionally. I also love the Medela nursing pads. I just bought a box today to pack in my hospital bag. Biggrin

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Thanks Ladies for the replies.. I need to check out E-Bay Smile Never know I may just get lucky Smile

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I have a Medela Pump In Style and the Medela Swing pump. I loved them both! I say the Medela is well worth it...but I used mine a TON and the time saved at work was invaluable. I often only had 10 minutes at work for the entire pump process...and it was a cinch with the Pump In Style.