Breastfeeding ?

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Breastfeeding ?

So I am pumping and giving formula to Carolina. Our dr said to try and get her to latch so I can get rid of the formula and pumping. Well Carolina only wants to latch and feed from my left side? She wont even try and latch to the right side. I try and feed on the right first but she will get really fussy and angry and I move to the left and boom wil eat right away? I can pump the right and get about 1.5oz but is that werid that she only wants 1 side?

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Preferring one side is common, so no worries there. DS and DD1 both preferred the left side, because it makes more milk, but DD2 has been preferring the right side. She has a slight lip tie and I think it's harder for her to latch on to the left side.

I remember DS having a lot of trouble latching on to my right side, so I tried different holds. The football hold can be helpful if she is having trouble latching on. It's not as comfortable for mom (or at least that's how I've always felt), but it does help them get a better latch.

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Ok I wanted to make sure it was ok! I hope to get her bf full time with no pumping or formula and I thought she was just picky on which side she wanted. I thought my right side made more milk it leaks more! Smile

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Did she have issues latching since she's 2 weeks? I contemplated it because pumping is such a hassle sometimes especially when she is cranky but her being 3 weeks i dont know if it would work. Granted I have never tried but when she wants to eat she's ticked until that bottle goes in lol. I still only pump about an oz a session do she would still get formula but it would be nice to get rid of the pump lol.

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I would try Lisa! Carolina's latch was just as good as day 1. The hospital told me to place her at the breast before she gets super hungry and fussy. She gets breastfeed first than the bottle of 3oz formula and sometimes she will even breastfeed again for a few minutes.

But I don't know if we can get rid of the pump because I am not making much milk if she is drinking 3oz of formula and she is on specical formula and as time goes by and she gets bigger I won't be able to make enough for her. I don't see myself breastfeeding her after a few more weeks!

But you should still try! Maya is so tiny she needs the extra mommy milk! Your doing a great job!

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You may want to play around with different holds. Sometimes baby only likes to approach the breast from one way. Try feeding on the less preferred side from the same direction as the favored side. That usually means using the football hold on the disliked side.

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We have been trying out the football hold and she screams bloody murder I dont' know if I am doing it wrong or she doesn't like to be that close. I am going to a breastfeeding group next week so maybe they can see whats going on. This is the first baby I have have bf. Like Carolina they all were on special formula and I am trying to hold out. She takes to it ok but the supply is the problem.

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*lurker* Your right side could be producing too much and "choking" her with forceful letdown. Try pumping just a bit on the right, then latching her to see if that might be the issue.

I have NO PROBLEMS with formula (DS was FF after 4 months) and this is NOT meant to be pushy, just imparting more knowledge!
if you want to BF exclusively, the less you pump/give formula the more your boobs will produce, it's a supply/demand thing in almost all cases. There are some women this does not work with, but that's rare. Just wanted to put it out there since most women believe they do not produce enough, which simply isn't true, your supply just needs ro regulate by feeding from the boob as much as possible. HTH!

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My LO hates BF from my right side too. The football hold is the only way that works for me.

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Have you seen a lactation consultant? They did WONDERS for me and my DD. I struggled for 2 weeks, she fixed our problem in literally 3 minutes.

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I was going to suggest trying a different hold because maybe she is a bit uncomfortable on the right side. Also, a lactation consultant is a good idea. Good luck with everything.

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Finn would favor one breast over the other for about the first week. It even seemed like he would switch favorites day to day. I had to keep trying different positions until we hit the sweet spot because he wasn't consistent. A lactation consult is worth it especially if you are hoping to resume breastfeeding fulltime. I met with them several times during my hospital stay and twice after being discharged.