Cake results!

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Cake results!

Sorry this took me long enough! Long story, but basically I have hardly sat down since we cut the cake Thursday night! I went to a baby shower/girls night, then grocery shopping right after for camping supplies, and Friday morning I packed and prepped food all day and we went backpacking with the kids Friday-Saturday and got back last night, but I was so completely wiped, I cleaned up and went to bed!

So here are the results! DD took the news of a THIRD brother surprisingly well! LOL We are thrilled to have another boy!

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Congrats on your boy! That cake looks super delicious too.

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I really want to do this cake thing too, but just for an excuse to have cake!

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Congrats on the little boy! That cake looks absolutely scrumptious! lol

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Congrats on a boy!

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Yummy looking cake! Yea for team blue!

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Congrats on your baby boy!

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Congrats on your boy! Bet that cake was tasty Biggrin

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Congratulations on your BOY!

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Congrats on your little boy!! Yahoo
I had three brothers (all younger) until my little sister came along when I was 25!!

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Congrats on the boy!!! Your daughter will have three brothers to protect her when they are all older Smile

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Awww such a cute idea and wow it looked delish.. Smile YuMMY

Welcome to team BLUE!!! (HUGS)

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Congratulations Holly!!

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Congrats!! Biggrin