Call me crazy...

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Call me crazy...

But I swear I just felt the baby move. I'm sitting at my desk and I felt 3 separate movements within a few minutes of each other and all in the same place that the U/S showed him/her to be. I know with DS I felt him around 16-20 weeks so even though it seems early - its possible I guess!? Hopefully it happens again so I can see if its in the same place.

ETA: Not feeling quiet as crazy after reading this PARENTS article

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I totally think it's possible, and how cool!

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SAME Here. People look at me like I'm crazy when I say it (even the dr.) but I swear it is baby.

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I've felt weird flutters yesterday and today. They totally take me by surprise because I'm so not expecting it.

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I have been feeling flutters over the past few days, all in my left side....
idk what it is, but this is #3 for me & i'm smaller than i started #1 by 10lbs.

I don't think we're crazy....and if so, who cares!?!?!? lol.

btw Jenn, i can't get the article here @ work. Can you tell me the jist?

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Oh how cool! It's totally possible, I've been told that with the 2nd pg you can feel it earlier sometimes than you did with the first.

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"lesleynka" wrote:

btw Jenn, i can't get the article here @ work. Can you tell me the jist?

Its titled Second Pregnancy

Your Baby in UteroMost women find that their second pregnancy is different from their first. For example, the intensity of fatigue or how soon you feel the baby kick may be unlike what you experienced when you carried your first child. After all, life is different now -- you're toting around a toddler or preschooler -- and your body is different, too. It has gone through childbirth already. If you're expecting again, here are some typical ways pregnancy changes:
Here are three changes in the way you carry and feel your baby in the womb:
1. You feel your baby move sooner. One of the earliest differences a mother notices in her second pregnancy is that she feels her baby moving sooner than the first time. A first-time mom generally notices the baby kicking by the fifth month; an experienced mom, by four months. This is probably because she already knows what a baby moving inside her feels like and recognizes his weak early kicks and wiggles. At three months of pregnancy, your baby's movements may feel like tiny bubbles or butterfly wings brushing against the uterus. First-time moms sometimes mistake these flutters for a bit of intestinal gas, not realizing until later that it was their baby all along.
2. You tend to show about a month sooner. After having a baby, your uterus doesn't shrink all the way down to its previous size, which gives it a head start in growing during the next pregnancy.
3. You carry your baby lower. Your abdominal muscles get stretched so much by the first pregnancy that they're weaker. As a result, they can't support a baby as well as they did before, so the fetus drops lower in your abdomen. The upside to carrying lower is that you'll probably breathe more easily and eat more comfortably than in your first pregnancy. The downside? You may find that the urge to urinate frequently starts earlier and you may have increased pelvic discomfort from the additional pressure on your bladder and pelvic area. You can relieve some of the discomfort with Kegel exercises, which strengthen the pelvic muscles.
To do a Kegel, tighten and release the muscles around your vaginal and urinary opening, as though you were trying to hold back urine. Hold each Kegel for a count of ten, and try to do at least 10 sets of 10 each day. Also, you can apply a cold pack to the area or soak in a tub of cool water.
Carrying lower may also result in added strain on your lower back. Ask your physician or childbirth educator about abdominal strengthening exercises that can reduce back pain. Also take the following precautions during your daily activities:

  • Avoid heavy lifting or arching your back.
  • When standing, keep the muscles in your lower back relaxed by bending your knees.
  • When resting, lie on your side with a pillow between your legs or one or both knees bent.
  • If you'll be sitting for a while, relieve some of the pressure on your lower spine by resting your feet on a low stool.
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I don't think you're crazy! I've been feeling little flutters for at least a week now, and while I am not sure that it is baby it is making me wonder!

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i def dont think your crazy

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Thanks Jenn. I am now convinced that I too have been feeling this little thing move. I have been feeling flutter & today, I SWEAR I felt a little bump.